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What does Todd Stand for?

Responsible Development

Ensuring that our area does not fall prey to overdevelopment, but rather manages growth wisely and responsibly. In addition, overdevelopment threatens the financial safety of our city because unwise residential and commercial development is a drain on city resources and a threat to taxpayers, not to mention unhealthy and stressful for residents.

Mitigate Traffic and Improve pedestrian safety

Not only have commutes gotten much worse, which the threat of a mall at our waterfront would worsen, but a number of pedestrian accidents have occurred in our district, including schoolchildren hit by vehicles. Our students walk to school and many residents walk to local businesses. More crossing guards, traffic calming measures like roundabouts, and better street signage and traffic signals should help alleviate some of the threats to residents from ever growing vehicle traffic.

Foster stronger ties among the city, the school district, and the Beach Cities Health District

Many times, there has been a lack of cooperation between the city and our schools, even though we serve the same constituents. Excellent schools are important to our quality of life and property values, and programs such as the Blue Zones initiative help Redondo residents both young and senior.

Practice solid financial management and attracting tomorrow’s businesses

Our city, like most its size, has limited resources to draw upon. This requires understanding of how best to maximize revenues and minimize expenses. My 25 year business background in not only helping to take two companies public on the NASDAQ exchange, but also growing my own company, provides me with the unique experience and knowledge base for good judgment. We need to attract high paying companies, like those from the high tech industry I work in, to help balance city finances and provide for steady local employment.

Focus on making Redondo a great place for residents

The city’s main focus should be on its residents, and with this comes excellent parks, a vibrant recreationally-focused waterfront, a green city with more trees, and an “e-city” with more Internet-focused city services and better Internet connectivity for residents.

About Todd Loewenstein

Has always worked hard for the Community

  • Community Service

    Mr. Loewenstein, as President of R4, which is a community advocacy group, successfully ran the campaign against Measure B, the 2015 local ballot measure in which AES sought to replace the current power plant site with more than 600 condos, commercial space, and hotel rooms. Todd serves on the Industry Trade Advisory Committee for Telecommunications (ITAC 8) for the US Department of Commerce and serves on the LA County Board of the American Heart Association.

  • Elected Office

    Loewenstein served on the RBUSD’s Board of Education from 2005-13, at which point he was termed out. During his tenure, he oversaw the successful modernization of all our schools with the funds provided for by the voter approved Measure C in 2008. These projects were completed on time and within budget. Mr. Loewenstein was also instrumental in the hiring of our popular School Superintendent, Steven Keller, in 2006. Under their leadership, the Redondo Beach Unified School District has overcome difficult budget challenges while producing dramatic improvements in student test scores and academic rankings.

  • Professional Experience

    Todd is a technology executive who has worked in the Internet space for 20 years, helping to take two companies public on the NASDAQ stock exchange. He also managed an Internet infrastructure company for more than 13 years. Currently, he serves as the Senior Director of Sales of The Americas for castLabs, a company that specializes in media services including video content security and delivery.

  • Education and Personal Background

    Mr. Loewenstein graduated with an MBA in Marketing from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, and a BA in History from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. Todd is an Eagle Scout with three palms and has lived in Redondo for 17 years. He and his wife Carmen are raising two daughters, both of whom attend Redondo Beach public schools.


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Friends who Support Todd

-Steve Colin, Redondo Beach District 3 Councilman (Retired)
-Howard Fishman, Mayor, Hermosa Beach (Retired)
-Michael Keegan, Mayor, Hermosa Beach (Retired)
-Candace Nafissi
-Steve Piskula and Rosa Ribes
-Miguel Ferreiro and Marisol Sanchez
-Diego Uribe and Mar Canalo Moreno
-Scott Ermeti and Malu Bezerra
-Rob and Christina Paganelli
-Geoff and Karen Storey
-Jay and Josie Penn
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